“If you can’t do what you love – write about it. If you can do both, then count yourself amongst the luckiest of humanity.”

Jon B. Dalvy’s authorial career began on Amazon with The Titha Mae series – epic fantasy books for advancing readers based around the relationship he shares with his three little sisters, their Celtic heritage, and his work as a wildlife conservationist. Since the release of his debut novel, The Ballad of Titha Mae, Dalvy has gone on to make sold-out appearances at staple Tennessee events like the Dogwood Arts Festival, as well as joining the Tennessee Author’s Guild and finding his way onto the bookshelves of Barnes & Noble, and much more.

His whimsical, witty writing style has won over fans and critics of all ages, “giving a new edge to a genre as old as humanity itself” within “”marvelous fantasy… Dalvy has found a perfect balance between characterization, storytelling, worldbuilding, [with] a sense of awe and discovery that is not often present in this kind of fantasy fiction.”
– Sami Airola, RisingShadow.net

Readers have come to adore the world Dalvy has built around the Mae sisters, and here’s to hoping many more get lost somewhere between the “enrapturing fantasy and gorgeous nature” his books conjure.

A Nashville, TN based author and wildlife conservationist, Jon B. Dalvy’s work spans from fantasy literature and professional creative writing to wildlife husbandry for organizations like the Nashville Zoo and Walden’s Puddle. His epic fantasy book series for advancing readers, The Titha Mae Series, was first published on Amazon in 2018 with ‘The Ballad of Titha Mae’, and was joined by the anticipated sequel, ‘Titha Mae and the Dawn of Celtica’ in Spring of 2019. The third book, ‘Titha Mae and the Soul in the Lost Spring’, is well on its way!

Dalvy visiting the base of Skógafoss waterfall in Skógar, Iceland, south of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier volcano (2018).

Jon harbors a sincere love for and deep fascination with humanity’s great mythologies, as well as wildlife and all of natural history. When he is not writing books, working as a staff writer for Outsider.com, or rehabilitating wildlife in Middle Tennessee, you’ll either find him ravenously consuming texts on Celtic & Norse mythology, photographing nature, or traversing one of the world’s parks/historical sites.

All of these passions have found their way into the Titha Mae series, in which Titha finds herself surrounded by much of Tennessee and Ireland’s native flora and fauna: from her Bear-brother Paw (a huge, lovable young black bear) and her mentor Maya – a Peregrine falcon of the Peregrine Order – to her father’s wisping crows and the mighty Elk Kings Three. Such tangible nature mingles with his vibrantly crafted mythology full of tyrannical dragons, wise goblins, and ancient druids in grand, unexpected ways that’ll have you hooked in the first few pages. Well, we hope so, anyway – and cannot thank you enough for taking this incredible journey alongside us!

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Published Works:

The Ballad of Titha Mae – First book in a Children’s Epic Fantasy Series available now!

Titha Mae and the Dawn of Celtica – Second book in the Titha Mae Series available now!

Titha Mae and the Soul in the Lost Spring – Coming soon!

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In the Press:

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Titha Mae is in the Authors Guild of Tennessee’s Bookstore & Library!

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