Daughters-of-Gaela-1Book one, The Ballad of Titha Mae, is available now on Amazon!

    “Marvelous fantasy… Dalvy has found a perfect balance between characterization, storytelling, worldbuilding, [and] a sense of awe and discovery that is not often present in this kind of fantasy fiction.”
– Sami Airola, RisingShadow.net

   Who is Titha Mae?

 Titha loves her father, Theole, with all her excitable heart. The two are indigo-skinned Lunas: a spritely people forbidden to leave the treehalls of Yythengrey. So when their once friendly Dawnfather, the twisted dragon Vulduun, desecrates their homeland and kidnaps Theole, no one is willing to risk saving him – except his daughter, Titha Mae. Such a brash gesture leads the little Luna and her Bear-brother, Paw, on a fantastical journey far beyond the only foliage-filled mountains she’s ever known.

Dancing-Sifter-1      The “vibrantly rich and sprawling” world of Gaela awaits you in the first book of author & illustrator Jon B. Dalvy’s Titha Mae Series, The Ballad of Titha Mae! Children, YA readers, and adults alike are falling for Titha and her eclectic kin as they travel across a landscape crafted from the influences of Celtic, Norse, and Britannic mythologies. This Epic Fantasy is a tale of curiosity leading to acceptance, and ultimately equality for peoples of all kinds, colors, and backgrounds; a wonderful tale of diversity triumphing bigotry, hatred, and cruelty – all through the eyes of a young heroine.

Ready to jump into the world of Gaela with Lunas, Vikingmen, Gnomes & Goblins alike? Great! We can’t wait to have you.

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