The Knoxville News Sentinel: Farragut Shopper Covers Jon B. Dalvy’s Talk on Marketing and Publishing Successful Books

The Knoxville News Sentinel: Farragut Shopper Covers Jon B. Dalvy’s Talk on Marketing and Publishing Successful Books


This past summer, Titha Mae Series author Jon B. Dalvy presented the annual Authors’ Guild of Tennessee “Authors Talk” to an audience at Mimi’s Cafe in Turkey Creek, Knoxville, TN.

Knoxville News Sentinel reporter Margie Hagen (Shopper News) covered the event, and was present for Dalvy’s talk, noting:

“So glad to have the opportunity to meet you and Brandee at the AGT dinner last week.  Your presentation was filled with savvy tips for members who may not realize the power of social media.  You made it informative and fun, so thanks for that.  I was expecting a “snobby author”, but was pleasantly surprised by you and Brandee.  Stay cool.

– Margie
EDITOR’s NOTE: The Ballad of Titha Mae is in no way similar to popular series GAME OF THRONES. It is an advancing readers level series aimed at the same ages as The Hobbit, Harry Potter, etc. To read the full article, please click on the headline above, or here.

The talk was a hit, and the resulting article from the Sentinel’s Farragut Shopper News hit stands shortly after. We’re thrilled with their thoughtful coverage and look forward to many more successful outings from both organizations.

Thanks again to Margie, the Sentinel, and the Authors’ Guild of Tennessee for all the fantastic work these community leaders do for creatives here in Tennessee.
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It is time! Join Titha Mae and her Companions for the second book in author Jon B. Dalvy’s Epic Fantasy Series, The Dawn of Celtica!


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The first book in the series, The Ballad of Titha Mae, has also been given an updated Second ‘Series’ Edition for the occasion, with new interior illustrations and matching spine, so fans can start their own collection:

Thank you all for your support and for reading along – it quite literally means the world!


Synopsis and Reviews:

“Exquisitely entertaining. Titha Mae is one of the most intriguing heroines ever to appear in children’s fantasy fiction.”

– Sami Airola,  

Author Jon B. Dalvy is back with the second book in his acclaimed Titha Mae Series – a rich, quirky, sprawling epic fantasy for advancing readers and fiction lovers of all ages. Delve deeper into the Companions’ mythic journey with Book Two, The Dawn of Celtica, as the civilizations of Night and Day come together for the first time in their shared histories.

 The Tower of Celtica stands proudly amid the city’s center. Friends of Human, Lunish, and even Goblin descent craft and trade alongside one another in the shadow of its splendor. But not all folks wish for the joining of their cherished ways, and not all who walk the streets of Celtica do so with pure intentions…

When a family friend is abruptly murdered in the heart of the peaceful city, Titha takes it upon herself to dig to the root of this most foul deed. With the help of her Viking best friend, Audun, Bear-brother Paw, and staunchly-opposed older sister, Gillian, the courageous young Luna soon discovers she’s in far over her head as foes both old and new unfurl a spiraling plot that can only end as they watch Celtica burn.

Don’t miss the latest work from one of Tennessee’s most promising young authors, Jon B. Dalvy, as his Titha Mae series continues to “charm the pants off” of readers and spark joy in the hearts of readers of all ages, promising and adventure that’s “not just a fantasy but a mythical epic that pulled me in from the first page and kept me up reading well past my bedtime.” 

– Elizabeth Horton-Newton, Between the Beats


We hope to meet you within the pages of Dawn of Celtica! Until then,


Author Jon B. Dalvy

and Nechalec Press


Titha Mae“…a mythical epic that pulled me in from the first page and kept me up reading well past my bedtime.”

A heartfelt ‘thank you’ is due to the wonderful Elizabeth Horton-Newton, author of such fantastic books as ‘View From the Sixth Floor’, for her glowing review of The ‘Ballad of Titha Mae’!

We’re beyond thankful, to say the least. Read the full review for yourself on Horton-Newton’s excellent BETWEEN THE BEATS blog, and if you haven’t jumped into Titha’s world yet, what are you waiting for!? Head on over to AMAZON, Barnes & Noble, or here on this very site, to grab your copy!

Many exciting developments are on the way, so stay tuned – and than you all, from the bottom of my heart, for reading!

Jon B. Dalvy